Fast call

Each device registered in your own company will be visible in a shared address book.

AR Videocall

An Augmented Reality Videocall and chat to clearly and quickly solve problems.

Operations control

Supervise the efficiency of your team by checking back office data.

No distance

EnvAR allows you to optimize travel costs and solve the most trivial problems directly from the office.


EnvAR is a cross-device videocall software that allows you to insert augmented reality contents.

Remote assistance becomes faster and more efficient.
It quickly connects technicians and experts without moving costs.

Main Features

Custom Address Book

Intuitive Toolbar

One-click call

Call notification

Text chat

Augmented Reality


Speed up

With an Envar quick call, you cut travelling time and costs. You can share contents in real time by improving communication’s level.


EnvAR can also be used by customers. It reduces or even eliminates the time needed for problem analysis.

Cross Devices

EnvAR is Cross-Platform! It’s available for Windows, Mac or Tablet/Smartphone both iOS and Android.


EnvAR allows you to perform tasks and solve remote problems with the advice of an experienced guide virtually by your side.
Increase the quality of interventions and let down the traveling costs. Double the satisfaction of your customers.

Customer Service

Provide remote assistance to your customers finding the problem immediately.

Insurance Company

Increase the service quality and the level of communication between customer and insurance company.

Healthcare & Security

Take care of your customers with EnvAR with the advice of an experienced guide virtually by his side.

Remote Training

Envar reduces travel costs with remote training using video-calls and augmented reality.


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality provides the user with additional information in real time. This is the most intuitive way of communicating data and simplifying processes in real environment applications.


Thanks to SLAM technology it is possible to trace the surrounding environment and position digital content in a precise and stable way. A stable and efficient fall-back solution has been implemented for devices that do not support SLAM.

P2P Connection

Once authenticated, information and data flows are exchanged directly between the devices, optimizing bandwidth and improving communication performance. Protection is given by the use of channels protected with SSL certificates.


download envar


Request a demo to try the application for free. Use all Augmented Reality features.


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Request a demo for free to try the application and use all its Augmented Reality features.

EnvAR is the future of remote support.

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